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    We all know that one café down the street with a beautiful patio and chairs. Well...what if your business had that too? We offer only the best patios and decks for your business whether it be for a private area for your employees' breaks, or a new patio are for your customers to enjoy their coffee. Whatever the motive be, we've got you covered! 



    Make your business one of a kind with a brand new wooden deck. With other wood decks, the life expectancy is about 10 to 20 years. With us, you are guaranteed 25 years of no major maintenance. Our wood decks are super budget friendly, but no less professionally beautiful for your business. You are able to choose from different colors and finishes for your deck as well. Talk with a contractor today about your new wood deck!




    We also carry composite decks too! A lot of people wonder what the difference is between wood and composite. Well, allow us to tell you! Composite decks are made with little wood fibers which are encased in plastic so that insects that like wood don't eat up your deck (we put a wood eating insect repellent finish on all woods too). Composite decks are also known to last for about 20 to 30 years. Just like the wood decks, we promise to max out your decks life expectancy so you can enjoy it for longer! This would mean your deck could last for almost 40 years! Talk with a contractor today about your new composite deck!



    For businesses, we usually offer brick patios first because it is the most budget friendly of all of our patio options. Brick patios can add a rustic look, or if you want, an elegant, classy look. This all depends on the color, finish, and patterns of your brick patio. It does cost a little more for some colors and finishes, but if you're happy, we are happy!

    A number one choice for business patios, is a concrete patio. These are simple, yet nice for your own area. These patios don't draw too much attention to themselves so you can have a nice area for either employee break places or an outside meeting place. Whatever you choose, these patios are a great option for busy businesses because they require little to absolutely no maintenance!
    As almost like a combination of brick and concrete, slate patios have a special look to them that make them straightforward and attractive without drawing too much attention. They are also great for busy areas because they are such low maintenance patios! One of the only few things you may have to take care of, is cleaning it. These patios are pretty budget friendly and great for big outdoor spaces!

    The last type of commercial patio we offer is gravel. We don't really recommend these for public businesses or big spaces but gravel patios are great for little spaces, areas around tables and chairs, and areas around fire pits. These patios usually take a little bit of maintenance if some of the gravel leaves its area. We also include anti weed finishing so you don't get any weeds or unwanted plants growing out of your gravel.

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