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    We know different things happen all the time, that is why we are here to repair any deck, patio, porch, gazebo...yeah, you get it. Even if we didn't build it in the first place, we'll repair it. From a new paint job, to replacing a beam, we will do it. To ensure safety, we will give you a free inspection!




    If your deck has been through wind, rain, and everything in between, it is likely it will need a new paint job. This is why we offer quick, new paint jobs for as little as $2 per square foot. Compared to other deck suppliers, this is almost a dollar and fifty cents less! We value your time and budgets so we want this to be for you! So, need a new coat of paint? We've got it!



    We have guaranteed a long lifetime for our decks, but if we have messed something up, or even if it wasn't the same deck we installed, we will fix it for a low price depending on the current situation of the deck. Anything from a new wood plank to a whole to truss, we will fix it! You can also choose to replace something you don't like for another low price depending on what you'd like done.



    Just like wood decks, we have guaranteed a long lifetime for the decks we install, but if we messed something up or somehow missed something while building your deck, and something happens, we can and will fix it for a low price. Composite decks don't usually require much attention but when they do, it's usually not a big deal. No matter what though, we will fix it. Call a contractor today about any questions you may have regarding repairs!



    No matter the patio type, they all require some type of maintenance, that is why we are here! Most patios we build are simple and usually require little to absolutely no maintenance at all, but other patios might require more. We are able to fix your patio even if we didn't install it in the first place. Not only this, but we will make it even better than it was before! And that is a 100% guarantee!



    Call today to talk to one of our amazing contractors to figure out some replacements and repairs for your patio! 

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