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    Pergolas and Gazebos are beautiful as it is, but with us, you will have purchased something truly magical! Whether it is just for sitting down and reading or if you are planning something special for a special someone, gazebos and pergolas really make a statement!


    The next few things mentioned are all about pergolas. A Pergola is basically a wooden, composite, or aluminum cover over a patio, hot tub, garden, etc. Read on to find out more!


    Over a patio pergolas are classy and very homey. They are perfect for outside gatherings if you always have company over or even if you enjoy a little bit of shade in the hot summer heat! These usually come in a variety of different material types, colors, finishes, and sizes. All of these things are able to be conversed between you and one of our very experienced contractors!
    Hot tub covers are great if you value privacy and security. These pergolas that go over and around your hot tub make such a difference when hanging out in a hot tub in the day or even at night. We can even install lights up and around each pergola so you can see at night whilst chillin' in your new outside space!

    If you don't have a garage, a new pergola is perfect for you! It allows perfect shade for your car along with it not getting too hot! This also allows you to not have a cluttered garage! A double win!! Each pergola comes with many different choices of personalization like color, finishing, sizing, and placement.


    The following sections mention gazebos and what we have to offer! Read on to find out more!



    If you have seen wedding pictures with the bride and groom in a gazebo, chances are, they were in a pagoda! Pagodas are the most common types of gazebos and can be customized almost all the way from color to the structure itself! These can be wood, composite, or some type of metal depending on your budget. Pagodas are great for big backyards, by ponds, by parks, and for wedding venues/pictures. Call today if you have any more questions!


    Rotundas are the second most common gazebos and are circular. They usually don't have rails like pagodas do, same with seating options. These are sometimes used for public meetings or more professional looking wedding pictures. You can choose the material we use to build the rotunda along with the color and size.

    Pavilions are sometimes used at churches or big organizations for outside meetings or events. Pavilions are pretty big so you can have many people gathering under it. You can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for this product.

    Call today for a free estimate or even a chance to talk with one of our contractors for any questions or concerns you may have. We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for checking out our website!

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