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    Liven up your property with a brand new deck or porch! At JD Decks and Porches we believe that you should have the opportunity to make your home, yours. That is why we only offer the best materials for your purchase. Not only that, but we will include a free conversation and estimate for your new deck or porch!




    Spruce up your home with a new wood deck right outside your home. With other wood decks, the life expectancy is about 10 to 20 years, with the average being about 15 years. With us, you are guaranteed 25 years of no major maintenance. If we are wrong, you get a free inspection and a half-off repair (repairs mentioned on the Deck Repair page under Services). Our wood decks are very budget friendly, but no less professionally beautiful for your home. You are able to choose from different colors and finishes for your deck as well. Talk with a contractor today about your new wood deck!




    We not only include wood decks, but composite too! Some people wonder what the difference is though. Well, allow us to tell you! Composite decks are made with tiny wood fibers trapped in plastic so that insects that like wood don't eat up your deck (we put an insect repellent finish on all woods too). Composite decks are also known to last for about 20 to even 30 years with an average of 25 years. Just like the wood decks, we promise to max out your decks life expectancy so you can enjoy it for longer! Talk with a contractor today about your new composite deck!




    If you thought we only build decks and porches, stand corrected! Our brick patios are budget friendly and very beautiful. We offer many different brick colors, finishes, and brick placements. You can choose from red, brown, black, white, etc. brick colors. We also have a few different finishes so that your bricks are shiny, matte style, or smooth. Our brick placements can either be completely custom or you can choose from spiral, circular, rectangular, pinwheel, or herringbone. Our brick patios can last up to 50 years! If we are wrong, we will replace any bricks or re-apply the finish for free! Talk with a contractor today about your new brick patio!




    Just like brick patios, our paver patios are very budget friendly and close to the brick aesthetic. They are a little cheaper than brick but so elegant and great for those with children! We have many options for custom patterns, colors, and finishes. The options are a little less limited than brick as well!


    Flagstone patios are a little more on the expensive side for our special finish, but they are so worth it. This includes a sealant on the stones so they look shiny and smooth! These usually add an elegant, attractive look to your home and they are great for those who like to have company over, or if you really just like to be outside in your new patio area! Flagstones can last for about 20 years if installed with many other deck services, but with our expertise, your patio will last for almost 30 years! Just like the other patio types, we offer many options for finishes, colors, and patterns.

    Slate patios are a great way to make a subtle statement when you want something simple. They are pretty well priced no matter where you go for your patio service but ours are super budget friendly and take little time to install and finish. The slates can come in different sizes depending on what you choose, along with finishing and colors. Patterns can also be chosen during the time you take to talk to one of our contractors.

    One of the most simple ways to have the outside of your home look simple, yet classy, is with gravel patios. These are very simple to lay down and take little, to no time at all. These are very budget friendly and come in many different colors.
    Concrete patios are an amazing way to have simplicity at your home but still have a beautiful look to your place. Concrete patios are semi budget friendly and have a great life expectancy of 50 years! Concrete patios come in a few different colors and finishes. Talk with a contractor today about it!
    Call us today if you have any questions or concerns at 260-888-7002! We can't wait to work with you!
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